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Danny Foresta

Danny Foresta, born and raised in Thunder Bay. Married, with one child (Joseph, growing daily). I love this city, all my family is here...and lots of cousins. Hey...I'm Italian...that means lots and lots of family...and lots of!

Having lived in Thunder Bay all my life, I feel connected with the city and what's going on in our community and want to see this city 'grow'.

My interests include watching what I consider to be "classic tv shows" - like Three's Company, Happy Days, Fresh Prince Of Bel Air - and of course the greatest television series in history: The Sopranos.

Along with classic tv shows...I enjoy reading 'how to books' / walking....oh...and...I'm a huge fan of useless trivia. I own almost the entire volume of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader series. You can't stump me with a useless fact!!!!

I'm a huge dvd, cd collector. Plus - very proud of my Elvis it continues to grow.

One goal in my life: to make it to Graceland before Lisa Marie Presley shuts it down!!! ha ha.

Family is #1 in my wife, my son and family will always be #1 in my books.

Spending weekends at camp, enjoying good food, cheer and the company of friends.

I've been with Dougall Media full time since 1993 Wow!!! Radio is in 'me'. It's what I love to do and what I love to be a part of.

Danny and Laura In The Mornings - our goal is to keep listeners informed with what's going on in our city; keep them entertained and put a smile on their face, and of course - play the 'worlds best music'. If we can do that - we've done our job!!!

Laura Zaina

I have lived my life in Thunder Bay and the surrounding area..including Kakabeka, Murillo and Kaministiquia. I love our city because there is so much to do! Not only are there a number of things to do for free, but for a price you can have quite an adventure!

I have a family that I adore and would do anything for. My husband is my hero. He's an amazing man. Our oldest, Kayla, has two small beautiful, bubbly children, our middle child. Victoria, is enjoying her time in University and our youngest, Matthew, he keeps us on our toes as well! My mom, Jeannie, she is strength. It's true, you can really learn a lot if you just LISTEN to what your mom has to say!!

My passions include all types of music, photography, reading, writing, movies (sometimes just for the popcorn) and sports! Baseball has been a passion of mine since the moment I caught that first fly ball...I also love running, (it's a love/hate relationship) am hooked on Boot Camp with Trevor Potts and the group of women that meets with us, as well as lunch time drop in exercise classes with my Bestest Bud Theresa at the Complex. I also love going out walking with the family....I guess I just greatly enjoy family time...there is nothing like seeing Kayla's little one's faces light up when they see us, or to hear them the phone asking to come over. When we are all together, no matter what is going on, family time is the best time.

It's been great working in far! I started out in Television as a Production Assistant, Weather Anchor, Creative Writer, News Reporter...these and numerous other jobs have lead me to the fabulous world of Radio. I have loved every minute of my time on the air and am full of excitement as Danny and I spend our workdays getting Thunder Bay "Up And At 'Em!"

Val Mitchell

Val Mitchell

The youngest of seven children Val grew up on a small farm in South Gillies, born and raised in the area she enjoys surrounding herself with family and friends, and especially enjoys time with her teenage son.  Val has worked in the radio and tv industry over the last 23 years, as a writer, producer, director and promotions guru. A sports fanatic for sure as she enjoys captaining her women’s hockey team, the 'A' Team, in the Thunder Bay Women’s Hockey League and is going into her second year as a roller derby girl in the Thunder Bay Roller Derby League, her home team is the Elle Capone's.  And her derby name is none other than, 'Valabama Slammer'  #91.5...Val also enjoys her time with her Little min pin named Ginger ( she's a read head too).  And like many others here at the radio station, she's a Habs fan, but will cheer for the leafs if and when the need arises....she's known to throw the odd hip check in the hallways...and not get penalized for it....don't get in her way..she's a tough customer.....skates or no skates watch out....

Bill Hogan

Bill was born and raised right here in Thunder Bay.  "I just love being on the air in my hometown, nothing's better."  In Bill's spare time he can be seen taking care of his small herd of dogs, or watching sports, especially cheering for his Oakland Raiders.

 Bill is the veteran on the 91.5 CKPR staff.  Bill won't say how many years he's been on the air on CKPR, but we can tell you he's way into double digits.  But the truth is Bill has been working here since he was a teenager. 

 Tune in to hear Bill weekday's from 3 to 7pm.



I was born and raised right here in Thunder Bay. Growing up I've always known what I wanted to do. Work in radio. I can remember when I was about 4 or 5 years old, I used set up my own little "radio station" which basically consisted of my keyboard, a tape deck and a Karaoke machine. From there I'd play my favourite tapes, talk about the songs and play little melodies on my keyboard as jingles all the while recording it through the Karaoke machine.. No Joke! I think I still have some of those tapes around here somewhere...

When I was younger, one of my favourite things to do was call into the CKPR Request Hour and somehow get on the air.. rushing home so I can call at 6:30 just to request some song I didn't want to hear.. all I wanted was to hear my voice on the radio.. interacting with the DJ whom I wanted to be some day. When I'm not working at CKPR, you can find me on stage. I'm an avid musician gigging around town in 2 bands, one of which plays our own original music, and the other which plays cover songs in the bars... Otherwise you'll find me at the coffee shops just relaxing and sharing stories with friends.

All in all I've been working in radio since 2003. I took "Broadcasting: Television Production" at Confederation College, all the while still working in radio on the side. You See, I like to refer to myself as a "Radio Nerd". Plain and simple radio is in my blood, its my passion, my drive, my life. I can go on for hours talking about this one subject..but I won't.

Paige Kok

I have grown up in and around Thunder Bay.  I grew up in the country and when I was 12, my family moved into the city and I love it here.   Thunder Bay is such a beautiful city with amazing sites to see.

I am fresh out of college! Graduated from confederation in 2015! I took the “Broadcasting Television Program. What’s the saying?  FRESH MEAT! Ahahaha!  Lucky enough for me, I scored a job in doing what I love… TALKING and listening to music!

Things I like: Reading, I do enjoy a good video game, horror movies, hanging out with family, cats, photography, traveling (goal to travel the world) and camping! I really enjoy the outdoors hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking, you name it!