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Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings to Pat Sharples

Have a great day doing what you do best.... avoiding housework and spending the morning golfing. From your spouse who works all day......

Birthday Greetings to Larry Hansen

Happy 56th Birthday Larry From Dad and the rest of the family! Hope its a great one!!

Birthday Greetings to Carys Archer

happy 13th birthday Carys Archer. Love gradma Kathy.

Birthday Greetings to Megan Boyington

the happiest 14th birthday to Megan! love you bunches boo all our love from mom and dad and brother Kyle, grams and pops and nana! hope you have an amazing day!!!

Birthday Greetings to Liisa Larocque

A very happy birthday wish to my wonderful sister Liisa. We Love you very much and hope you have a great day. Love Marc , Cryssi , Mom & Dad all the girls but especially your main squeeze Peppa!

Birthday Greetings to Richard Eras

Happy birthday to my bro, the accomplished carver, fisherman, musician, handy man and the most patriotic guy I know. Enjoy your day!

Birthday Greetings to Alexio Marinaro

Happy 20th Birthday Alexio. Hope you have a great day - whether in town with us or at work! Love Nicole, Reed, Debbie, and Anyssa.

Birthday Greetings to Doug Wolter

Happy Birthday to our Uncle Doug Wolter!! We hope u have a great day! Love Glen, Lisa , Grayson and Abigail Goodman