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The Morning Show

New Morning Show Section

Monday, Apr 22, 2013 09:52 AM

We are proud to present the new Morning Show section.

On the menu above, you will find Battle of the Sexes, Water Cooler Conversations, Wacky Joke Wednesday, Daily Dish, Stories too Weird to Make up, and Facebook Funnies.

THE DAILY DISH - keep up to date with all the latest Hollywood news, rumours and scandals with Danny & Laura.

BATTLE OF THE SEXES - weekday mornings at 7:40, it's Man vs Woman in the ultimate challenge.

WATER COOLER CONVERSATION- useless facts, trivia and things you can chat about with your co-workers and friends.

STORIES TOO WEIRD FOR US TO MAKE UP - Danny & Laura search the net for crazy stories that are 100% true.  We always say, "if it weren't for people like this....our lives would be BORING".

FACEBOOK FUNNIES - Danny & Laura creep your Facebook page for some of your funny Facebook status updates!

WACKY JOKE WEDNESDAY- some of the silliest jokes out there every Wednesday on the Morning Show.