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CKPR Features

Retro Lunch

91.5 CKPR is are bringing you back to the best songs in the 80s to rock the lunch hour with 91.5 CKPR's RETRO LUNCH. From Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, Prince, the Police, and Whitney Houston, this hour promises to entertain and get those radios blasting.

Top 8@8

The Top 8 @ 8 counts down Thunder Bay's most popular songs of the day.

We countdown the Top 8 songs of the day. Mix in great tunes, along with fun facts and entertaining news about the artist and / or the song and you've got a great recipe for a show that appeals to the listener.

It’s The Top 8 @ 8 on Thunder Bays Best Music…91.5 CKPR and Masala Grille.

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Backtrax USA with Kid Kelly

A weekly radio show featuring a time of sequined gloves, Sean and Madonna, and tons of spandex. Be taken back in time to your favourite decade: the 80’s! BACKTRAX USA with KID KELLY has everything you need to relive the era when greed was good, hair was big and lip-synching could win you a Grammy. And that's just the first two hours, then Kid moves in to the days when movies ranged from Shawshank redemption to Dumb and Dumber, and artists like The Spice Girls and Alanis Morissette dominated the airwaves. The final two hours are dedicated to the 90's! Listen Saturdays on 91.5 CKPR from 6pm to 10pm.