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Front Line Thank You

Front Line Thank You

The world is going through an unprecedented time right now and we NEED our Front Line Workers more than ever.

Here at 91.5 CKPR we wanted to show our support by lifting the spirits of some of our local Front Line  Workers and saying Thank You with the help from our Friends and Partners in the Community !

Nominate a Front Line Worker who you want to Thank with a HOT MEAL.

Each Friday during the 91.5 CKPR Morning Show, Danny and Laura will announce the Weekly Partner that we have teamed up with that will be providing the week’s meals to the Front Line Workers.

Then once daily, During the 91.5 CKPR Morning Show, Danny and Laura will announce a Front Line Worker from our online entries and they will receive a MEAL delivered right to their door from one of the great restaurants in our community!!!

For the Week of June 1 91.5 CKPR has teamed up with Vince Mirabelli - RE/MAX First Choice Realty! Vince Mirabelli - RE/MAX First Choice Realty will be providing meals from Eat Local Pizza and will be delivering them to the Front Line Workers.

Winners will be announced Monday, June 1- Friday, June 5 once daily during the 91.5 CKPR Morning Show with Danny and Laura !

It’s our way of a Front Line Thank You!

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