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Danny & Laura

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CKPR Schedule

Danny & Laura

Monday to Friday 6 – 10am

Keep in touch with Thunder Bay and start your day off with a smile.

Val Mitchell

Monday to Friday 10am -3pm, Sunday 8am – Noon

Getting you through your workday playing Thunder Bay’s best music.

Bill Hogan

Monday to Friday 3pm – 7pm

Finishing off your workday, and helping you get home every weekday afternoon.

Paige Dalton

Monday to Friday 7pm – Midnight, Saturday Noon – 6pm

Your day wouldn’t be complete without Paige playing Thunder Bay’s best music to wrap it up.

Best of Danny and Laura

Saturday 8am – Noon

Highlights from the week, from Thunder Bay’s favourite morning show.

Backtrax USA

Saturday 6pm – 10pm

Kid Kelly plays all your favourites from the 80’s and 90’s, brought to you by Home Hardware

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